Like chess…I guess

Or a mere waiting game.I’m constantly reminded that good things are worth the wait…Why now does waiting feel like procrastination?I feel like a position that after being revealed,carefully seated in immediate line of everything. Somewhat vulnerable but not feeling regret of the move that I made.Waiting now to see if I will sit here or will the next move be made audaciously. Continue reading Like chess…I guess

Dragon tattoo and such.

I couldn’t think of an appropriate title, I’m such a novice sometimes. Just a gyspy soul traveling through life until recently with all wits and feelings intact. I find myself in a haze,clouds in my sky filled with slight what ifs.What if I could reach out and connect with you,in an interplanetary gravitational pull that only time or space could release. I know,you know, how … Continue reading Dragon tattoo and such.

Life,or lack there of.

Life has been moving ever so slightly.. I thought I’d be happy with different scenery different state of mind.It made me think of my passion, I thought I’d lost it,but here it remains..deep inside my head,giving into desires never experienced before.Last few months made me want more.I will attend school very soon,hopefully to pursue something related to Pharmacy or Sports medicine.I love a chance to … Continue reading Life,or lack there of.